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Boat and Engine Thefts an Update

November 20th 2009


Good news on this front - perhaps the notices stirred someone's conscience but following some "information" Bodmin Police raided a lock up in the Camleford area and found a large stash of stolen items including 2 engines stolen from residents in Lerryn - these have now been returned -  so do not let it be said that the police do not act on this crime !  There were also kayaks and some very large engines taken from boats in Rock where apparently the boats were being stolen taken round the coastline and cut loose once the engines could be taken off. One person has been arrested for handing stolen goods to date.

Anyone who had items stolen particularly around the Regatta Week should get in touch with Bodmin Police as you might be lucky.

The person dealing with it at Bodmin is DC Jeff Smith.

As mentioned previously Looe Police are going to come to Lerryn for an open meeting to discuss what can be done for next season to minimise this sort of Crime and we will publish details of the meeting in advance and hope as many of you as possible with boats will attend.

Traditional Carols in the Village Hall

November 20th 2009

The traditional evening of carols, complete with Christmas tree, mulled wine, mince pies and raffle, will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 22 December.


Contributions to the hamper and/or to the very popular supply of mince pies will be more than welcome. Contact Ros Hawken on 01208 872999 for further information.




Village Shop New Winter Hours

November 20th 2009

Shop opening hours until the Spring are:


Monday to Friday 7.30am - 5.00pm

Saturday 7.30am - 2.00pm

Sunday 8.00am - 2.00pm


Thanks for staying open !!!!



Life before the Car park - Lerryn 1906

November 20th 2009


Quiz Night Results !

November 20th 2009

The second quiz night of the season at the Ship Inn Lerryn raised a very respectable £137 for LAMA.

It was a fabulous night and packed full of all you wonderful supporters and quiz lovers. Mums Aloud were finally toppled off the overall winners pedestal by NEVER MIND!

Full results were as follows:


Picture Round - Mums Aloud

Sport – Pyrofuc_wits?

Entertainment – Mummy yer a genius

General Knowledge – Camel Lids

Music – Never Mind

Next Quiz will be Christmas themed on Saturday December 12th: all proceeds will go to the Lerryn Memorial Hall.

Happy Christmas and we hope you can all make it then.



Thank You from Lerryn's "Weakest Link"

November 19th 2009

A big thank you to everyone who took part in my little competition and for watching me trying not to make a fool of myself on on Tuesday. I\'ve been going through all the entries today and believe it or not, of all 27 possibilities there was only one that nobody picked, and that was the one which actually happened! (Well, banking £1000 and getting voted straight off is pretty implausible, isn\'t it?) So far we\'ve raised £82 but friends and family up country have pledged more so I\'ll let you know the final amount in due course. Anyway thanks once again, and sorry for leading you all up the garden path, but if I hadn\'t dropped out so soon I\'d never have though of teasing you all with the competition, nor would Cornwall Hospice Care be any the better off!



Have you lost a black & white kitten?

November 18th 2009

At around 5.00pm today a black & white female kitten (approx 13 weeks old) was found on the road to Lostwithiel just beyond Lerryn View. It showed signs of being hit by a car and was taken to Pelyn Veterinary Surgery where it is currently being cared for. If the kitten belongs to you please contact the surgery as soon as possible as there is a limited time they can keep such cases, which, if not identified, get passed on to other agencies (RSPCA, etc.).

The telephone number for Pelyn Veterinary Surgery is 01208 872254


RNLI Autumn Coffee Morning

November 15th 2009

Despite the awful weather, last week's coffee morning in Lostwithiel raised £380 for RNLI funds. Our loyal band of supporters turned out as usual and it was a grand social occasion.

Thanks are due to all contributors, those who provided cakes, raffle prizes and other items, and to the committee members who ran the stalls and served coffee, tea and biscuits.

A big thank you again to all concerned for making this another successful event, so successful that cakes and other items were coming from all quarters (for those we may have missed a special thank you!).


W.I. - Fun, Foraging & Feasting

November 9th 2009


Foraging, fun and feasting were the order of the day for Lerryn WI’s October visit to Cotna Barton.
We left not sure what had been planned for us, but with baskets, gloves and boots at the ready we were “up for it”.
Rachel Lambert, the mastermind behind Wild Food Walks, had enlisted the help of Sara and David Readman, whose smallholding near Gorran Churchtown was an ideal setting.
We were to walk the land identifying and picking the plants to be used for lunch. Rachel and David were informative, knowledgeable and by the end of the morning session we had a selection of plants ranging from horseradish to nettles (apparently a super-food), black mustard, sorrel and watercress – there were more but you’d have to arrange a walk to find out about those!
After a refreshing cuppa we were let loose in Sara’s kitchen to prepare a lunch with the food we’d foraged. Sara was organised and helpful in supervising us all in the preparation of lunch.
Catherine helped produce some wonderful home-made pasta with nettles as a substitute for spinach, topped with a delicious watercress pesto. Jan grated horseradish and Sue grated beetroot for the beetroot, apple and horseradish salad. Anne, Flynn and Nina created a pudding, which would have rivalled Cranks, with blackberries, wild apples and meringue – eggs courtesy of the Cotna Barton chickens! Julia, Mary and Sue created two lovely green salads beautifully decorated with edible flowers. Sara served bread that she had baked earlier and the tangy sorrel and yoghurt dip was a wonderful accompaniment.
After an extended lunch there was just time for a walk to look for more wild food.
It was a happy, sated band of WI members who wended their way home from an innovative outing and one that we can certainly recommend.
Anyone out there who wants a taste of the same can contact Rachel at rachel@wildwalks-southwest.co.uk or visit her website at www.wildwalks-southwest.co.uk.




Zombies Depart the Village

November 7th 2009

All decent law abiding villagers will be pleased to hear that the plague of Zombies has now moved on.

Despite outward appearances the undead residents of the village enjoyed a "live"ly night on Halloween.  Anyone there will confirm it was quite a sight.

Thanks to everyone who made such an effort to die for the nights entertainment so successfully

Particularly those who shall remain nameless and shameless despite trying to swim across the river naked at 4.00am....and no.......we don't believe the tale of you falling off the stepping stones and your clothes being washed off you either .......

Thanks of course to The Ship for providing a much used bar and to the Village Hall for providing the temporary mortuary

The Band were very impressed with all your Michael Jackson Thriller moves although their posting on their  own website the day after read

"Don't know quite how we managed to get out of that Crazy village alive last night" and thus perhaps summed their experience up more truthfully.

Anyway as everyone seemed to enjoy the Band (Shameless) so much they have agreed to pencil in another visit next Halloween...so be warned -  book your holidays now if you are not attending.

Meanwhile if anyone needs anything to frighten their children with between now and next year please show them the Picture Gallery on this site which should do the trick (no treat)



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