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May 1st 2009


Sunday 10 May, 2.00pm till 5.00pm

Refreshments available; Souvenir, Plant and Gift stalls.

Demonstration by the Cornwall Branch of the British Horse Driving Society.

Admission £4.50 (accompanied children free)


SUPPORT THE RNLI - saving lives at sea

Lostwithiel & District Branch RNLI


Rare tree planted in memory of Jean Elliot

April 29th 2009

Ronald planted a Wollami Pine , in memory of Jean , in their garden at 'Tregoning' on Thurs. 23rd. April 2009, supported by his daughter Jane, her husband Michael Sturdee, Rob & Lin Briggs & Eric Baker.


This is the first ever Wollami Pine, a survivor from the Jurrasic age (some 200 million years ago!),  to be planted in The Parishes of St. Winnow or St. Veep.





Catamaran loose off St Winnow Boathouse

April 16th 2009

Encounter Cornwall canoe trip today found that the 25ft Catamaran that appeared to be moored next to the Boathouse St Winnow has in fact drifted there and luckily for whoever owns it has got caught by the dock wall.  We noticed it on Wed night. Luckily again with a falling tide its not going anywhere for a day or two.

FHC have been informed but if anyone knows the owner (or its yours) you need to get down and check its secured.

Can't quite make out the name as its hidden by the wall

"KWA????...... Heri "  FHC Number G254  25ft Catarmaran Red Sails

If you know the owners please let them know.

China Clay falls to an all time low in Fowey

April 11th 2009


Imerys have announced an 11-day shut-down further affecting shipments from the harbour at Fowey.

Further economic fears hit Clay Country this week as Imerys announced it is to shutdown all plants due to a fall in demand.

Only last month Imerys refused to comment on rumours production rates and demand for clay were falling.
One employee, who asked not to be named, claimed demand had dropped to an all-time low with just eight boats leaving Fowey harbour in February, compared to the usual 27 each month.

Struggling to find a Job in Cornwall - is this why ?

April 11th 2009


In parts of Cornwall, unemployment is higher than in urban blackspots.

The Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) found more people applied for any given job vacancy in parts of Cornwall than anywhere else in the country.

The report also complains of a lack of job centres in the countryside.
Since 2000, half of all rural Job Centre Plus offices have closed. In Cornwall, a third have shut in the last year alone.


BBC News Cornwall

Calendar Girls triumph for Lerryn W.I.

April 10th 2009


Lerryn WI can be congratulated for a very successful event when two of the original Calendar Girls were guest speakers at their April meeting. 

Such special guests warranted a more than usual effort and tickets were issued to some 100 people, including other local institutes, who saw the stage decorated with appropriate props from the Calendar for each month of the year, as well as sunflowers (their special symbol) and the obligatory bigger buns! 
Members and visitors heard from Tricia and Angela how the original idea of the Calendar had been born and how they had persevered to such a successful outcome. They had never dreamed of how far it would take them or how much money would be raised for Leukaemia Research – over two million pounds.  They spoke of the subsequent film and international travel as well as the forthcoming stage production. Although describing a serious subject, the girls managed to give a humorous account of events which kept everyone chuckling to the end. The girls posed for photographs, including one with WI Presidents, present, past and Founding.
Everyone enjoyed refreshments and Tricia and Angela stayed on and mingled to the very end, proving themselves to be genuine, warm and approachable ladies. When the speakers were thanked, we were reminded that most people’s lives have at some stage been touched by cancer. The Calendar Girls had brought various souvenirs for the raffle, including an autographed copy of the 2009 Calendar and, including donations, the wonderful sum of £563 was raised, which will hopefully go some way towards their next million. Thanks are due to all who helped, contributed or donated in any way.


Free Bargains on Classifieds - Greenhouse etc !

April 9th 2009

Various items: free to collector - but please make a donation to the village hall for each item.


1 large glass/greenhouse (shape of eden project dome)  - (you will know the one I am sure up on the hillside !)

1 double bed, 1 divan bed (single) 1 small single bed, various dressing tables, bedside tables, 1 green leather 2 seater sofa, 1 x two seater sofa. Various curtains. 

CLICK HERE  to see the details


Also turn that old small dingy or any canoes you don't use into some cash - someone is looking for something to take to the water in  !



Watch yer outboards off St Winnow Point

April 9th 2009

Its been there a while now so most of you may have clocked it but as we are all getting boats back into the water take care to avoid the huge lump of tree firmly resting in the mud 200m before  St Winnow Point, its massive and is just the right height to take off your outboard if you are racing back from Angies as it sits not far enough under the water on the higher tides but is almost impossible to spot until you are on it even when its only a few inches under water.

Its almost in line with Brockles Quay and around 1/4 of the way across the river from the St Winnow Side  -  be warned its going to catch a few this summer.

Any chance of Charlie going down with his chainsaw to turn it into next years firewood ?


New Playground for Lerryn ? Cuckoo's ?

April 9th 2009

Got your attention now !

The New Lerryn Discussion Forum is now live and on line covering these topics....and whatever else you want to get off your chest or tell others about.

Its quick and easy to read the views or suggestions of others and then post short messages back if you want to join in the discussion.

Anyone can follow the discussions by clicking on the DISCUSSION FORUM button on the home page.

To add your pearls of wisdom or start new discussions, all you need to do is sign in once to get a password and leave your details and then you are free to add discussions or coments to those that others have put on the site.  You can even select to have an email sent automatically when someone adds something to any particular topic.

If anyone has any problems loggin in first time let us know and we can make sure you get online.

Discussions are monitored by the website group, we receive an email everytime something is added so that if there was ever anything inappropriate if can be removed straight away.

It is your village website and this is a great facility for raising issues, asking for help or just having a bit of fun with others using the site in the village.  Please take a look !


CLICK HERE to view the discussions currently going on -  as a taster the following are already underway.



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Police Warning

April 8th 2009

This message relates to Police Log No. 414 of 06/04/09.

We would like to make you aware of the following incidents which have occurred in various parts of Cornwall;

A white male using the names of Mark Antony Rhodes or Grant Tallon has been to the homes of elderly or vulnerable people with a story that he needs assistance and has been sent to them from the vicar at the local church. He has stolen credit cards, pension books and cash.
He is described as a white male about 5ft 10in tall, aged between 20 and 30 years old. He is clean shaven with brown hair and has a tanned complexion. He was wearing blue jeans and a short black jacket. He has a Scottish accent.
He does not stay in one area for long and it is believed that he has been staying at local accomodation.

Please remain observant and if you have any information regarding this incident then please contact us on 08452 777 444 quoting CMS and Police Log No. 414 of 06/04/09. Information can also be passed to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Thank you for your Co-operation.

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