Auction Night Success

Monday 22nd April 2024

Auction Night Success
What a wonderful evening we on Saturday night!
Thank you so much to all who joined us, there was a wonderful atmosphere in the room, and John and Dez were fantastic as our auctioneers.
Thank you to Earthbound Cornwall for the fanciest nibbles i have ever seen, their bowls were so fresh, colourful and delicious.
Thank you to all our volunteers who helped us during the evening, Josie and Suzie did an absolutely wonderful job in the back organising payments, despite a bit of a internet crash towards the end of the evening lol
We have an amazing final total of £5119!!!!!! £4915 of that on just bids alone. We are absolutely thrilled and blown away by the generosity and love shown from each and every one of you who donated, attended, bid and helped with our first ever auction night 
Thank you Thank you Thank you