Lerryn School pupils in Wave of Hope event.

Thursday 10th June 2021

Lerryn School pupils in Wave of Hope event.

On Sunday 23rd May Lerryn pupils, supported by Mr B and Katrine Musgrave from Christian Aid and Spotlight television, attended a socially distanced "wave of hope" at St Anta Church. It was hosted by Bishop Hugh Nelson and Rev Etienne Van Blerk.

The event has been arranged by Christian Aid, linked to a large range of religious venues. The churches and religious venues are holding displays linked to the g7 summit. The waves attempt to signal to the incoming G7 group arriving at nearby Carbis bay. Lerryn also took down a wave rainbow made by St Mabyn.

The focus is to urge the G7 to share resources to end Covid, work together to end climate change, eradicate debt from the poorest of countries and enable girls and women of the world to gain a fair right to education and equal pay.

The children were very excited to be interviewed on television and this was shown twice over the week.  All social distancing and bubble protocols were followed.

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