The Giant of Lerryn Woods

Monday 23rd August 2021

The Giant of Lerryn Woods
So who was the Giant that build the hedge?
This magical tale for readers of all ages from a local author explains.
From the back cover:
"In local folklore in Southeast Cornwall, there remains a single line of a rhyme. “Jack the Giant having nothing to do, built a hedge from Lerryn to Looe.
No one remembers Jack now, and the time and reason he built the hedge passed out of memory long ago, but the hedge still exists. The Giants Hedge is an ancient earthwork dating back to times before men wrote down their tales. Men may have forgotten, but the trees who whisper to one another through their leaves still remember and keep the memory alive amongst their own kind.
So today, if you sit by the bank of the river Fowey in the wood at Lerryn; and if you open your heart to the trees and listen to the stories they tell, you may hear about the love which lived under their ancient protective canopy long long ago."