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July 30th 2010

If you have been following the squirrel debate running in the Discussion Forum -----------------then you may be interested to hear of a plan to reintroduce red squirrels into parts of West Cornwall.

Paradise Park, in Hayle, is to be involved in an exciting new reintroduction program releasing captive bred Red Squirrels.

The squirrels will be released into the wild on the Lizard and across West Penwith.

To read more about this project Click Here

The World Arrives

July 30th 2010

The World arrived in Fowey in perfect weather conditions.  To see more pictures, click the purple button

The World update

July 29th 2010

Fowey Harbour Office are now giving the following times for the arrival and departure of The World:

Arrival:          Thursday, 29th July at 1750 hours

Departure:   Saturday, 31st July at 2000 hours

Vulcan Bomber

July 29th 2010

The Vulcan B.2 aircraft XH558 flew over Lerryn, yesterday (28th July), on its way to the RNAS Culdrose Air Day.

The aircraft entered service in 1960 and had its final flight in 1993.  Following 10 years of maintenance work, it flew again in 2007.  This year is the aircraft's 50th birthday.  It costs £50,000 per month to keep it flying.  During the Cold War, the aircraft carried nuclear bombs but later was used as a conventional bomber.  It was involved in the Falkland War.  There was a race against time to repair a faulty brake unit which prevented the Vulcan bomber from flying at the Farnborough Air Display on Sunday.  A new brake unit was fitted and, with little time to spare, the aircraft took to the air.  It flew over Liskeard and then passed over Lerryn at 3.40pm.  Unfortunately, only tantalising glimpses of the aircraft could be seen as it emerged from gaps in the clouds.  It could still be seen from Lerryn as it reached the coast where the sky was clear.    To read more about this aircraft visit www.vulcantothesky.org


July 28th 2010

Don't forget, The World  is coming to Fowey on Thursday, 29th July at 5.00pm

For further details see the News section dated 20th July or click the button------------------ 


Having Fun

July 28th 2010

What is there in Lerryn for young people to do?  Well, enjoying the river for a start.  See how Aaron, Bryony and Alex make the most of a high tide on a warm evening.


Click on the image here to see more photos--------------

Could do better

July 27th 2010


Lerryn School Final Report

David Vipond

David Vipond is an intelligent boy, but like most boys of his age, is very good at doing the things he is interested in, but those things in which he has no interest, just don’t get completed. He has to date done well in his academic studies and has in the past, displayed excellent potential. However, unfortunately he has of late given grave cause for concern.

He seems to have recently come under the influence of a gang of local youths and urchins calling themselves the "St Veep Bell Ringers" who are a bad influence on him and a thoroughly bad lot. Vipond unfortunately appears to be content to allow these people to refer to him as "Young Vipey" and to encourage his precocious wit and what can only be described as his lavatorial humour!

I must assume that Vipond has yet to fully come to terms with his own sexuality, as on the one hand he spends far too much time in the girls’ playground and on the other, I have myself witnessed him unashamedly cavorting around in public wearing women’s clothing; complete with bloomers and make up.

We have endeavoured to get him to partake in more sport and fresh air and to this end he has taken to sailing, with some success. However, we are unable to support him further in this, as he has already been through a number of boats, one way or another.

His current life style will equip him for nothing more than a future spent in seedy public houses and dingy snooker rooms.

Whilst we had once harboured some hope of him eventually becoming a pillar of the community, the nearest he is currently likely to come in achieving this, is to prop up the bar in his local pub.

It is to be hoped that Vipond will eventually find something useful to do in society, with perhaps a modicum of responsibility. I cannot imagine what this might be, but I do know that when he has left us, as a role model, he should under no circumstances, be allowed to come within ten miles of the nearest school.

B. Bonsey: Form Teacher

Ongoing River Obstruction Lostwithiel Area

July 27th 2010



Notice from Fowey Harbour





Mariners are advised that work is scheduled to take place on the west bank of the River Fowey adjacent to the sewage works at Shirehall Moor, Lostwithiel.

This work is to improve the outflows at this site and will require the erection of a temporary cofferdam which will extend around 2m out from the existing outflow location. The height of the cofferdam will extend above MHWS and will be marked with flashing lights.

It is anticipated that work will start on the 2nd August and last for 6 weeks.

Mariners are advised to navigate with due caution in the vicinity of Shirehall Moor throughout the duration of the works.





July 27th 2010



The inaugural meeting of the Society was held in the Red Store, Lerryn on Thursday 22nd July 2010.  23 members of the public attended, and a formal constitution was adopted, with the following objects
(a)   To research the history of Lerryn and surrounding area.
(b)   To preserve, maintain and continue the “Lerryn Village Archive” in a variety of media formats.
(c)    To hold meetings and exhibitions for the benefit of members and the local community.

The following officers were elected

Honorary Life President – Esthermary Todd
Chairman…………………Paul Weatherhogg
Secretary…………………Janet Collett
Treasurer…………………David St John
Committee Members…….David Boraston, Sue Daw, Michael Fenwick, Ken Hoskin and Bert Watson
Initially, the Society will concentrate its efforts in making sound recordings of residents recalling their memories of life in Lerryn. A member of Exeter University will provide background and training for this part of the project.
Other projects to be undertaken will include :-
A visit to Cornwall Record Office in Truro to view their facilities for research.
A survey of buildings in the area, to record their history and occupants.
Census records from 1841 to 1911
Advice on researching one’s Family Tree
The Membership Fee was set at £1 and anyone interested in joining the Society should contact a member of the Committee.
Your help would be appreciated in carrying out research (possibly the history of the house where you live), providing pictures, documents, leaflets, sound or video recordings, in fact anything which could be recorded for the interest of future generations.
Paul Weatherhogg – Chairman (01208 873621)


Weather Forecast

July 26th 2010

Did you know that you can watch the BBC Spotlight weather forecast on your home computer?  By clicking on the button below, you will see the BBC Weather Page.  If you scroll down the page you will find the BBC Spotlight screen.  Click the Spotlight screen to play the forecast.  The bottom right button on the Spotlight screen will bring the picture to a full page.  If you prefer, you can see the weather map towards the bottom of the page.  By dragging the little pointer with the red dot to the right, you will see the weather for the next few days.

Click on the button to view the weather page-----------------

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