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Lerryn.net Photo Archive

April 21st 2011

We are now putting photographs onto our Photo Archive for the year 2010. Many of the photos currently in our Photo Gallery will in due course be used by the the History Society to update the CD that was started by Esthermary Todd. We also hope that the History Society can make use of the 2010 photographs now going on Lerryn.net Photo Archive. Please look and we welcome your views through our "contact us" page.

Click on the image to see the photographs being added to the Photo Archive for 2010s ----------------

Outcomes of lerryn.net AGM

April 19th 2011

The AGM took place on 4th April and the key outcomes were as follows:

1.  Election of officers:

  • Annie Singer - Chair
  • Bernie Gibbons - Treasurer
  • Ann Gibbons - Secretary

Other members of the committee are:  Richard Morris, Keith Rooker and Damon Wilcox

2.  Adoption of the amended constitution

The following objects were agreed:

Our overarching objective is to provide and maintain a community website (www.lerryn.net) to benefit the residents of Lerryn and the surrounding areas. Our website will be developed by residents for residents, unlike other village websites that have been developed purely for visitors.

We aim to:

      • Contribute to the development of the real sense of community that exists in Lerryn through sharing news and information
      • Enable those of our elderly/disabled residents, who have Internet access, to have access to news and information which they might otherwise miss out on
      • Support and celebrate the work of local community groups and charities by advertising their events, publishing their reports and giving them the opportunity to buy their own pages
      • Provide a platform where matters of interest to residents can be discussed
      • Enable former residents of Lerryn and surrounding areas, including those who have moved abroad, to keep in touch with life in Lerryn
      • Enable former residents of Lerryn and surrounding areas to reconnect with their past by publishing archive materials
      • Contribute to the on-going development of the village archive by making our news items and photographs available to other community groups, such as the History Society
      • Facilitate the commercial life of the area by providing space on the website whilst ensuring that the costs of providing these services are fully recovered
      • Investigate ways in which those residents who do not have the Internet can have access to the information posted on the website

Protect our NHS petition

April 17th 2011

See the latest topic on the discussion forum which gives you a link to a NHS petition.

Film Club season ends with The LadyKillers

April 17th 2011

The last of the great Ealing Comedies, "The Ladykillers" is a wonderfully macabre black comedy.  Ealing stalwart Alec Guinness delivers a typically mesmerising performance as Professor Marcus, a criminal mastermind.  His latest plan is to dupe a sweet old lady, Mrs Wilberforce (Johnson), into picking up the loot for him and his mismatched gang after they rob a security van.  The gang consists of a genial bruiser (Green); Jack-the-lad rogue (Sellers); doddery old army type (Parker); and cold-hearted assassin (Lom). Under the guise of playing string quintets, all five meet at her house to plan the robbery.  However, they all got more than they bargained for!

It was a great film to end the 2010-2011 season and we cannot wait to receive our renewal letters to find out what the 2011-2012 programme has in store for us.

A big thank you to the committee for all their hard work.

Ancient Tree Walk

April 13th 2011

Saturday 16th April, 11:00am to 1:00pm

Location: Ethy, Near Lerryn

Ever marvelled at a big old oak tree? Come and get to know the old trees of Ethy and discover what makes them our living treasures. Please note that the walk will only take place if at least a minimum of five people book the walk.  To get further details or book, please :

  • e-mail southeastcornwall@nationaltrust.org.uk
  • or phone 01726 870146
  • or contact Ben direct on his mobile:  07966 876020

Click here to see the poster:  http://www.lostwithiel.org.uk/images/events/ancient_tree_walk_11.pdf

Enjoying the Spring Sunshine

April 11th 2011






Herring Gulls












Little Egret & Herring Gull












Shell Duck








                                      Grey Mullet                                               Last Year's Offspring      


                                            Hi!                                                               Little Quay


April 6th 2011

Saturday 21st May, 10.30 in Lerryn Memorial Hall.

Please make a note of this date and show your support for this unmissable event!
Come along and help us to raise the funds for this years’ 61st Lerryn Produce Show in August. It now costs around £1000 to put on this show, and the Plant Sale is the key event in raising the money that makes it happen.

Whilst you’re toiling away in the garden this Spring, why not bring on a few extra seedlings or pot up some unwanted plants and cuttings for us to sell at the show – they’ll be gratefully received!

The plant sale is the place to pick up some great bargains - young plants for the vegetable plot and flowering plants and shrubs to brighten up your garden. Have a coffee, join or renew your membership, and don’t forget to return  your prize-winning cups of last year to Sue Hancock.

…. and by the way, don’t forget the show also includes a photography class – last year saw some great entries! So here are the subjects for the photography competition this year:

Under 16’s: A Self-portrait
Adults: All in a working day


Reduced water bills?

April 5th 2011

Let us know your views by joining us on the discussion forum! ----------

Message from the police

April 5th 2011

This message relates to police log 477 02 April 2011.

The improving weather at this time of year usually brings out the rogue builders, gardeners, roofers etc. We have had several reports already.

Please be aware of the risks of employing tradesmen who cold call at your door which include: high - shoddy workmanship; very high prices which change as the job progresses; unnecessary work and intimidation if you don't pay promptly etc. 

It is much safer to use local tradesmen of known good reputation who should offer a written quote and a guarantee. If you feel that you have been deceived, please contact us 08452 777 444 with details of the company involved.

We ask you to make your neighbours aware, especially if elderly.

Please phone us with any information on 08452 777 444.

lerryn.net AGM

March 29th 2011

Just in case you did not see the posters on the Lerryn View and Village Hall noticeboards which went up 10 days ago, this is a gentle reminder that the AGM of the Website Committee is on Monday 4th April at 7.00pm in the Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Do not miss this opportunity to give us feedback!

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